Best beaches in Cyprus

CYPRUS, a city full of beautiful and mesmerizing beaches, is located to the south of Turkey and at the southeast of Greece and it is the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The population is combine mixed of Turks and Greeks. The island is proudly fascinated with many of historical sites worth visiting and tourism has become the most pertinent business of the region and the worthiest assets are the alluring beaches. Most beaches of the Cyprus have been certified with blue flag which recognizes international sign for high water and service quality. If you compare the beaches of the Cyprus with the seaside spots of Europe, you’d find huge difference because of quality of water, hence the Cyprus beaches are getting higher rank day by day. You can find every seaside beauty over here, from dark sand to light sand, from stormy water to motionless water, private heavens and resorts and untamed seafronts. Cyprus is the island of love and natural beauty. Here are the most alluring and astonishing beaches of this region which may promise your firm attention.

Makronissos Beach

When seeing Makronissos beach from above, in light of the fact that it combines with the neighboring Dome beach, the peninsula frames the state of a dolphin tail. Pale white sands frame a delicate and charming walkway into the azure sea and a two moment stroll through the lavish green bushes drives tourists to a more isolates extend of seaside. Being a previous reef, the peninsula is home to an assortment of intriguing rock developments which makes it one of the best beach in Cyprus. An archeological treat as some antiquated tombs makes a fascinating fascination, a site which is accessible to visit for nothing on the tip of the peninsula.

Coral Bay

Coral bay is a genuine sun-admirer’s heaven where brilliant sands lay settled inside a medium-sized bay and are shielded from solid streams by the encompassing bluffs. Coral bay offers an extensive variety of umbrellas, sun loungers and watersport choices. The drift is staggeringly family-accommodating, and the blue banner winning waters here are perfect and safe for swimming. Controlled improvement of the zone implies the resort has kept up the lion’s share of its enchant regardless of its prevalence with voyagers. Some food is never far either, and a lively determination of eateries and bars would all be able to be found inside strolling separation which makes it one of the best beach in Cyprus.

Nissi Beach

In spite of Nissi beach’s notoriety for being an extend of sand that never dozes, its regular magnificence is certain. Arguably the best beach in Europe, a substantial bend of white sand makes an inlet of perfectly clear and shallow waters here making it a wonderful beach in Cyprus. During the time of winter and spring, sandy walkway is visible from the bottom of the water, a way showcasing this small fragment of the island of Nissi from which the beach adopts its name.

Akti Olympion

A walk around the promenades of Akti Olympion demonstrates it is workable for a city beach to be worth going to. This beach started life as a thin segment of pebbly sand, and, after much reclamation and recovery work, Limassol’s seafront zone has now been changed into the clamoring and appealing downtown area it is today. Immaculate waters and more than two kilometers of velvety sand make this an appealing spot for anybody wishing to take an unwinding beach front walk which makes it one of the best beach in Cyprus.

Fig Tree Bay

One of the best beach in Cyprus is Fig Tree Bay. For a decent blend of travelers and local people go to the dazzling Fig Tree Bay; these brilliant sands are genuinely a Cypriot must see. Getting its name from the untainted fig trees which line its drift, this extend of sand is stunningly lovely.

Konnos Bay

Discovered precisely somewhere between Protaras and Agia Napa, Konnos Bay respects a blend of guests. This little inlet has an unobtrusive measure of sensibly estimated umbrellas specking its sands, and the water here is constantly quiet because of the protected position of the bay. Guests in the early piece of the year will have the capacity to appreciate the lavish occasional greenery that grabs hold of the encompassing precipices, and the water is hottest here from pre-summer to early harvest time.

Nobody can deny that there’s justifiable reason motivation behind why this beach has turned out to be so famous with local people and outsiders alike; it’s an outright shocker. Regardless of whether you’re gazing out at the astonishing perspective, lazing down on the sand, or getting a charge out of a cool drink at the slope bistro that watches out to ocean, you won’t overlook this photo culminate spot. However, in the event that you’re hoping to appreciate it sans the group once the mid-year sets in, make certain to visit amid the week.


Another seaside spot which is regularly less outstanding among voyagers is Latchi beach. A blend of fine sands and little stones shape the drift here, and the absence of intemperate offices mean it is the ideal area to bring your own umbrella and appreciate an excursion. The waters are perfect and undisturbed so sit back, unwind and take in the greater part of the amazing common landscape which encompasses the shore which makes it one of the best beach in Cyprus.

Blue Lagoon Akamas (Fontana Amorosa)

The captivating turquoise waters of Blue Lagoon Akamas are so striking they appear to shine. Frequented by little water crafts and yachts, this normal fortune is found on the north shoreline of the island. Reachable by 4×4 or by vessel, the wild territory has been protected from business advancement which has enabled this excellent condition to stay flawless. Snorkeling is poplar here because of the variety of submerged situations. For a superior look of the tidal pond make a beeline for the adjacent mountains which give sees spreading over the whole coastline.



Offering a distinct difference to the ordinarily quiet waters found all through Cyprus, Episkopi is well known for being a prevalent goal for kite surfers as the breezes here make this locale perfect for the game. The approaching limestone precipices just add to this emotional scene, and, as they are neglected by the antiquated vestiges of Kourion, they are without a doubt the best place to watch the beach from above. Solid streams mean swimming is beyond reach in the east piece of the drift, yet swimming into the waves encourage along is impeccably sheltered, and swaying with the tide is shockingly unwinding, also somewhat more energizing than an ordinary dunk in the ocean.

Lara Bay

Rough and untamed, Lara Beach lays north of the well-known waterfront resort of Coral Bay. In spite of the fact that you may require a decent measure of time and a 4×4 vehicle to achieve this separated scene, what the sandy inlet needs in openness it compensates for in protection which makes it one of the best beach in Cyprus. The nonattendance of close-by fake light makes this site a famous settling spot for Green and Loggerhead turtles, whose homes are effortlessly identifiable as they are obviously set apart out by volunteers. Extensive frothy waves tumble onto the uncovered shoreline, making an astounding forefront to compliment the unparalleled dusks which plummet onto the scene late at night.

As dynamic greenery and amazing wild offers approach to swooping bays and all-encompassing perspectives of the west shore of the island`, Lara Bay stands as a standout amongst the greatest sandy extends. Home to the green and loggerhead turtle that touch base to lay their eggs in the late spring months, you’ll no uncertainty be making companions with the little animals in this segment of untouched wild. Simply make sure to stay silent so as not to upset their tranquility.

Aphrodite’s Rock and Beach, Paphos

Legend has it that Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Fertility, once ascended from sputtering waters that encompass Aphrodite’s shake. A really astounding sight simply off the old street amongst Limassol and Paphos, swarms assemble to stare at the recognize that has turned into the most renowned and legendary on the island. Driving up to the territory is likely the best part is that with dazzling view offering path to this incredibly rough coastline. The water itself is regularly rough here, and most will just dunk their feet in shallow domain or take in its magnificence all with a laze on the pebbled shore. Go to the region at nightfall and you’ll be lost for words as a multi-shaded palette of red, orange and pink regularly make for an extraordinary affair.

Porto Pomos, Pomos

The wild western shore of the island is regularly touted as the most tremendous with a tough coastline supporting dark blue oceans. There’s the great angling town of Latchi to visit, the pleasant town of Polis to investigate, and every one of the brilliant qualities of the encompassing towns and wide open. Yet, in the event that you need to truly acknowledge getting out into the absolute most pristine parts of the nation, drive the distance toward the western tip of Pomos. It’s remote, it’s untamed despite everything it holds a similar appeal it did years prior. What’s more, when you’re urgent for a sprinkle in the ocean? Make a beeline for Porto Pomos, spotted with yet a couple of brilliant parasols and minor cottages offering refreshments. The water is completely clear, the landscape is extraordinary, and the vibe of the place is essentially otherworldly.

Serena Bay, Protaras

New comers arriving at the laudable place of Protegra’s will be pardoned for not getting familiar with this place exists, for Serena Bay is one of those spots that has generally earned its fame by the hospitality of the native people. All things considered, it’s off the principle street, it’s covered up, and it’s a minor extend of beach contrasted with a few. Yet, once you arrive, you may never need to clear out. What’s more, honestly, it’s not hard to pinpoint why. For a few, it comes down to the way that the Serena Bay beach bar is powerfully idiosyncratic with wooden tables deliberately set under the shade of verdant trees. For others, it’s simply the appeal of the little bay, to some degree more confined than the rest and certainly picturesque. Try not to anticipate that the place will be void in any case, as in vogue youthful things – especially Nicosians – visit the region on most midsummer ends of the week.

Paramali Beach, Avdimou Village, Limassol

Some beachgoers like simply lazing on a sandy shore with a decent book. Others however watch over lazing, resolved on hitting the waves and pushing those adrenaline levels to an unequaled high which makes it one of the best beach in Cyprus. On the off chance that you fall into the last class – and consider yourself being wild on the most fundamental level – then you’ve essentially got the opportunity to visit Paramali Beach. Hailed as being one of the absolute best kitesurfing beaches on the island, the brilliant sand extends a separation of around 2 kilometers, and when the breezes get and the waves get unpleasant, the skyline is punctuated with multi-hued kites as ardent energetic writes do their thing.

Mackenzie Beach, Larnaca

One moment you’ll be looking at swimsuit clad fashionistas tasting on mojitos and tapping their feet to house beats. The following, you may well end up among an accumulate of all around oiled buffed young fellows tasting on their frappes, each doing combating alternate unlimited diversions of beach rackets. Welcome to Mackenzie Beach: Larnaca’s actual summer problem area. As the rhythms of pretty much every sort of music comprehensible reverberate all through the zone, simply take your pick from the variety of beach bars, sit down on a high stool with your tipple of decision, and appreciate all the activity.


Cyprus is a heavenly island and possess the best beaches of the world which are alluring the tourists from all over the world. Tourist are strongly recommended to visit this naturally gifted place for once in their lifetime. High quality of water will surely captivate you and make you feel like heaven on the earth.


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