The best safari and beach holiday

KENYA, it might be difficult to find the right exotic vacation. There are many beautiful cities to visit on your holidays but nothing as exotic as the best safari and beach holiday in Kenya. Kenya is located in East Africa and is a country that has something for everyone. Kenya offers a beautiful open savanna with many animals that you only have seen on the television and pictures on the computer. If you love safari then kenya is a dreamland. It is possible to travel cheaply or comfortably with a limited budget. There are a range of expensive hotel facilities that continue to develop along the coast. The hotel offers beautifully decorated suites with pools and raised deck. The food is from organic gardens and the water is UV-filtered.

Between June and October, the most fascinating performances take place in Kenya. Then millions of antelopes get their annual walk between Masai Mara in Kenya and Serengeti in Tanzania. The antilopes move to find the finest grass, and with them comes lions and other predators, they also follow the food. The sight and the sounds of the huge herds are among the most powerful things you can do during a safari. Most spectacularly, it will be at the Mara river where the crocodiles await the antilopes who have to cross over.

Tsavo, Masai Mara and Amboseli is the most famous national parks in Kenya. Safari vehicles are adapted to safari life with refrigerators and adjustable cameras. The guides have high qualifications and set their benchmarks to high standards. You can also contact specialized safari operators who arrange individual arrangements and give you a better price overall. Kenya is famous for its popular safari destinations and the beautiful beaches along the coast. I have chosen to write about Tsavo, Masai Mara and Amboseli National Parks and tell about the cities of Mombasa, Malindi and Watamu. I will also recommend hotels and activities in the surrounding area.

Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park is located 156 km from Malindi and 173 Km from Mombasa. The park is open every day at. 6.30 – 18.30 european times. The best time to visit the park is June to September. Avoid Mars and May when it’s rainy season in Kenya.

You will get to Tsavo East National Park by local bus or car. On wildlife safari you will see Kenyan animals in their natural environment. There is a lot of surprising, like gazelles that bet close to the lion. Common animals you’ll see are zebras, cheetahs, Cape buffalo, African elephants, Sykes’s monkeys, black faced monkeys, divers, gazelles, giraffes, gerenuks, black rhinoceros, hares, hartebeests, impalas, hyenas, crested porcupines, squirrels, lions, leopards, warthogs, mongoose and giant rats. The best time to watch the animals is in the morning and evening. The sun makes the animals tired.


In the Galana River you will find crocodiles. The Aruba Dam and Mudanda Rock is popular drinking places for animals and birds. For watching birds is the best time between October and January. There are over 500 bird species that have been seen in the park, and some are kestrels, buzzards, weaverbirds, secretary birds and herons. The guides are helpful and communicate with each other if they find rare animals.
It’s important to have good clothes for a day in the wilderness. Camera and binoculars are also important to take with you. A bottle of water that has been in the freezer overnight, cools during the day and avoids drying out in the heat.

Most people visit the park for a wildlife safari during the day and return to the hotel in the evening. There are several accommodation options to choose from for those who want to stay overnight near the park. I recommend Voi Wildlife Lodge and Voi Safari Lodge, they are both popular places to stay overnight. The national park’s top runner often takes $250-$850 per night for two people including meals, safari dishes and so on.

Masai Mara National Reserve

Masai Mara National Reserve is located in the southwest of Kenya. Common animals in Masai Mara are Hippo, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Zebra, Wildebeest, Cheetah, Hyena, Elephant and Giraffe. Masai Mara’s most rare predator is wild dog that has been threatened with extinction in the region. Every year, however, the number of wild animals increases in Masai Mara, and it is becoming more common to see them. Other unusual animals are black rhino, white rhino, spotted hyena, wild dogs, eagles and schakal.

There are two large rivers, the Mara river and Talek river. The area of the Masai Mara area consists of low grasslands, which means it is easy to detect the animals. Masai Mara has around 450 different bird species ranging from ostriches to bird of prey. A big attraction is the hornworts, which are black with red face.

Masai Mara organizes balloon flights in the area. It’s not the animals you’re looking for, it´s the amazing view of nature. The tour usually takes place in the morning and takes about 1 hour. There is room for 12 people in the basket.

Masai Mara National Reserve will undergo extensive renovations until June 2018. The renovation will involve more pools, gym and massage salon. The guest tents will be rebuilt and increase in size. There are many accommodation to choose. Popular lodges are Kichwa Tembo Camp and Keekorok Lodge.

Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is located 260 km from Nairobi and is close to Masai Maria National Park. Amboseli is famous for its flocks of African elephants, there are over 900 elephants in the park. Other animals are wildebeest, african lion, giraffes, moneys, hyenas, antelope and zebras to mention a few. There are also many birds. Goshawks, african skimmers, yellow and red bishops to name by few.

Amboseli is quite small compared to other national parks. But Amboseli deliver many beutiful animals and with Kilimanjaro in the background is an amazing view. There is also the opportunity to meet the Maasai people.
You may be surprised that many animals go near the predator, the truth is that they live together in harmony and predator only kills for food.

When you arrive at the park you will get instructions and rules, not to leave your vehicle more than in selected places. Stay on the track and take care of the animals, it’s the animals that are entitled to the road.
To spend the night over I recommend Tortilis camp that are a award winning for best eco tourism. Remember, you need to have your own camping gear with you.

The coast of Kenya has long white beaches. The beaches in Malindi north of and Diani south of Mombasa are a common end to the holiday after safari. Near the Diani beach there are two beautiful nature reserves, Jadni Forest and Shimba Hills. To explore the ocean and their animals, I recommend Diving the crab that offer diving activities and lessons.

North of and just a 30-minute taxi from the city you come to Shanzu Beach, where you can go sea safaris and search for water animals such as starfish. You can also rent windsurfing and snorkeling equipment. There are also opportunity go windsurfing courses. At low tide, the water is so shallow that you can cross the coral reef 500 meters from the beach.


If you want to stay in Mombasa I recommend Voyager Beach Resort located 10 km outside of town. The price includes all food and beverages. The beach a few meters away and offers boat trips, water sports or why not be photographed with a camel. Voyager Beach Resort has restaurants, a children’s club, a bar and a shopping centrum. The cottages are located in a beautiful setting with stunning views of the sea and the garden.

I also recommend renting a cottage on the hotel Saruni Ocean. It´s located near the beach and the wilderness near Msambwni Beach. Each suite has its own entrance and consists of a private garden with beautiful sea views and a large porch. Inside there is a bedroom, living room and a bathroom. The suite is comfortable and luxurious. The design is Mediterranean inspired. Saruni Ocean offers gourmet food based on fresh ingredients such as lobster, octopus and olives to give some examples of delicious food. The hotel has a large lovely pool and Sarunity Thermae & Spa which provides an incredible relaxing and gives a sense of well-being. There many acitivites on the beach such as beach volleyball, golfing and day flying safari.

Along the coast north of Mombasa you come to Malindi, which is an appreciated holiday destination for families, here are snorkeling friendly beaches that keep the kids occupied for hours. Malindi is an exciting city with a mix of charming old town with modern comfort. Malindi has tourist attractions like local towns and the Jumaa Mosque. There is much art and architecture to study. The white sand beach is a beach lovers destination, whether you want to relax and listen to the waves or join various beach activities. Maldini Marine Park is a coral reef that can be discovered when you snorkel, dive or sit in a glass-bottom boat. There are several good hotels to choose. I recommend the African House Resort which is 300m to Malindi beach and 10 miunters walk to Malindi Marine. The rooms have a private veranda and air conditioning. The food is inspired by Italy and Swahili. Free coffee, tea and pastries are served each afternoon. African House Resort has free parking and can assist with car rental. It takes 5 minutes to drive by car to the city center.

Behind Malindi you find the city Watamu, that is located 105 km north of Mombasa and 15 km from Malindi. Watamu is a peaceful and beautiful city farthest with the Kenyan coast. Here you can find tropical forests and unspoilt beaches in its surroundings. Watamu is famous for its unique and relaxing lifestyle and is surrounded by small coves and wide lagoons. There are a wide range of accommodation options from simpler hotels to luxury villas.

The most popular hotel is Lonno Lodge. This hotel is a large beautiful white building with views to admire the coast. A short walk will take you to the pool, the bar, the restaurant and the reception. This is a place that offers peace and quiet. Lonno Lodge has 8 suites decorated with dark wood furniture and elegant Kenyan paintings. All rooms have television, coffee machine and mosquito nets. Outside the door is the fantastic beach that is private for the hotel guests.

The food is dominated by Italian flavors such as olives and different pasta dishes. Breakfast consists of different fruits. The wine is imported from a vineyard in Italy, but there are also other international wines to choose from. Guests order the day before the number of meals they want the next day. Watamu been in vogue for its great swimming and excellent diving waters and you might find manta rays and whale sharks. The hotel staff is helpful in arranging day trips and excursions. 30 km from the hotel you found Kakoneni’s cultural attractions that are worth a visit.

Traveling on your own is usually easy to find accommodation. Simple hotels, utilized by Kenyan and backpackers, cost about $10 for a double room. Safarilodger and the tourist resorts of the beaches offer lavish double rooms with air conditioning for $125-$300.

My last word

The absolute most important reason for traveling to Africa is that your money goes to the action to preserve Africa’s wildlife and to the people of society. You travel for a reason to meet exotic animals and explore them in their unique environment. There is nowhere on earth you meet the diversity of big animals like in Africa. Through your visit, you ensure their survival. Through tourism revenue, Kenya has played a major role in the rhino survival in the country.

Consider going on the low season when the price is cheaper but at the same time the financing is guaranteed for the whole year. You lower your costs to half and get excellent service without competition from other tourists.

And remember – A few months before you travel to Kenya, you need to book a doctor’s appointment and check your vaccinations. It is important to review your travel insurance as well.

If you’ve travel to Kenya, I’d appreciate if you share your experiences in the comments field, Thank you!


  1. Nice, i wish you could also write one about Tanzania.

    Coming from Tanzania and been a local safari expert, i think my country is the best safari destination in Africa or perhaps the world. With more that 10 National Parks or Game reserves , Zanzibar sandy beaches plus the highest and the forth highest mountains in Africa (Mount Kilimanjaro & Mount Meru) i think we can say Kenya is the second, hehe !

    Just an opinion.

    Amazing work by the way , Keep em coming.

    Cheers !

    1. Hi
      I would love to write about Tanzania to provide information about this beautiful country. Kenya is the neighboring country so I read about Tanzania as well. I will summarize an article and post soon.
      Regards Tess

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    I love it , i discover your article on Google+ and its 🔥🔥 great writing and very informative.

    i guess i will be visiting frequently from now on.

    Cheers !!

    1. That sounds good to me 🙂 Anything that you can recommend? city to visit and national parks?
      My best friend have been in Tanzania twice so i Believe she agree with you!
      looking foward to her more from you
      Regards and Cheers

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