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The best beach hotels in Jijoca de Jericoacoara, Brazil

JIJОСА DЕ JERICOACOARA is also known as Jijoca or spelled Gijoca or simply Jeri, as the locals call it just might be heaven on Earth. The crystal clear waters, soft sands and laid-back vibe fishing are only a few reasons to make this your next vacation destination. Jericoacoara iѕ a small fishing village come beach hippie resort in a small village in northern Ceará, Brazil, some 300 km west of Fortaleza. Jeri, as it is affectionately known, is the kind of idyllic place where many travelers end up deciding to stay for longer than they had originally planned. Jericoacoara iѕ a place removed from the hurried modern world of screeching sirens, maniac deadlines, traffic jams and endless lineups. A place where streets are paved with sand, where beaches stretch as far as the eye can see and where warm water marries with palm swaying breezes.

Jericoacoara is a place where tourists stop to see the sunset in every evening of the year. Locals and tourists go to a near high sand dune close to the village where they wait for the sunset, a wonderful show of colors and shapes in the sky. Different languages and accents make Jericoacoara one of the most international beaches of the Brazilian coast. There are a mix of people from different places and interests like those who has just arrived for a visit, and also the ex-travelers that never went back home. A southern truck driver, a European physiotherapist, North American athletes: they are all there, running inns and restaurants or just living and chatting around.

At 280 km from Fortaleza, the city of Jijoca de Jericoacoara is the gateway to the Jericoacoara, a village hidden between the dunes. Four-wheel vehicles are needed to get there. Jijoca has a good structure with many hotels, restaurants and particular houses where tourists can rent a room in the high season. One place worth a visit to Lake Paradise, which gets full with very clear blue waters in the rainy season on the first six months of the year. Once the drought comes, the best bet is to go to the beach, Jericoacoara, 23 km away. The beaches around Jericoacoara are an invite to long walks in the morning and late afternoon. You can´t miss a visit to Holed Stone and Saw, trails over the rocks. Walking around is a good experience but due the hot climate and high humidity make sure to drink a lot of water and bring your sun block.

The region started to attract tourists around the early eighties and since 2002, this area of 84 ѕԛ. Km, it brings more and more people who like beaches, dunes, lagoons and reef. The whole area is protected by the Jericoacoara National Park, administered by IBAMA. Since 1984, Jericoacoara had been transformed into APA (Environmental Protection Area), a condition that contributed to the preservation of its unique landscape and palm trees on the edges of the ocean. The gastronomy of Jericoacoara is becoming more sophisticated every year that there are even helipads for those who can afford to travel in a helicopter. Such trip should be around one and half hours from the capital of Ceará, Fortaleza.

The dozens of lodging options also improved in comfort. Gone are the days when all the showers were cold. Now there are private terraces, ornamental gardens, Jacuzzi, king-size beds, digital air-conditioned, rooms decorated with ethnic crafts, etc. Even the hostels offer more than average comfort that you will find in other destinations. The easiest way to reach Jericoacoara is by Fortaleza where many travel agents offer packages including hotel or pousada, food, guide, and more optional choices. Try to avoid the high season, summer time, where usually prices go through the roof, since accommodations are harder to find and you can wait longer in the lines to get a spot at any restaurant, which is not recommended due to the hot. If you are planning to go in such time think to buy in advance, four months at least. You will enjoy the landscape, pay less for accommodations and avoid headaches on the last minute.

Hotels and beaches in Jijoca de Jericoacoara

The Chili Beach

Jericoacoara better known as simply “Jeri”, mesmerizes travelers with the perfect mix of beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, abundant activities and pumping nightlife. The main beach is a wide, flat sand beach, located next to the Pôr do Sol sand dune, which can be climbed for spectacular sunsets. The other beach, on the north-east side of town, is a beautiful stretch of rosy pink sand, dotted with palm trees, facing turquoise waters and backed by grassy hills. Jeri boasts world-class windsurfing and kite-surfing and ideal beginner surfing, so there´s plenty to keep you busy.

Directly on Malhada beach the Chili Beach is the most exclusive hotel in Jericoacoara. Small, absolutely intimate, it welcomes a small number of guests and prizes, firstly, for comfort, sophistication and individualized service. The hotel can receive a maximum of 20 people in an area of ​​3200 square meters. A true tropical park with a green oasis amid the Jeri dunes, with several day-beds and sofas ideal for gatherings and chat in the shadows of the many trees that form our gardens. The Chili Beach is very versatile and offers several possibilities of use: from family groups to special business events.

Pousada Vila Bela Vista Jericoacoara

Eco lovers will want to check out Pousada VilaBela vista Jericoacoara´s tropical paradise. The Pousada is within walking distance of the beach less than 2,000 feet (600 meters) as well as nightlife and restaurants. The rooms are comfortably appointed and have a rustic vibe that is a nod to Jericoacoara´s natural beauty, and the hotel has some unique views overlooking the Jericoacora National park sand dunes.

Pousada Jeribá

Life is made of moments and Pousada Jeriba believes that when they are shared with whom you love they become memorable. Simply moments surrounded by a natural and unique atmosphere, with outstanding service, comfort, luxury and romanticism, slight details that make all the difference give a special touch so become it unforgettable. Escape to Pousada Jeribá and experience what they call “о luxo de liberdade” or “the luxury of freedom” Pousada Jeribá´s décor blends the natural elements with modern comfort for a truly relaxing experience. Choose from their five different suite options, and perhaps indulge in an outdoor bath on a private wrap around deck.

Ponta da Pedra

If you´re looking for a beachfront boutique hotel with the ultimate view, look no further than Ponta da Pedra. This boutique hotel offers a more economical option, where travelers can enjoy a beachfront breakfast, comfortable rooms and an unforgettable atmosphere. With immediate beach access, head out for an early morning surf session or book a horseback rid on the beach, and then come back to Ponta da Pedra for a relaxing afternoon.

Taipu de For a – BA

With over 7 kms of extensions and coconut trees all around, this beautiful beach is famous for its natural pools formed by the reefs. Full of fishes and with crystal clear water, this is the perfect place perfect place for snorkeling. Just make sure you are going there when the tide is low, this way you will enjoy a better view of the reefs. While there, don´t forget to visit the Lagoa Azul (Blue Lagoon) and Morro do Farol, two great tourist attractions in the area.

Lagoinha do Leste – SC

This secluded beach on Santa Catarina´s Islands is considered by many the best beach in Florianopolis, and that´s saying a lot. You will need to walk a bit to get there, there´s a trail that will get you there in about 1 hour, but it´s surely worth the trip. Surrounded by hills and native vegetation, the place looks like paradise on earth. Since there is no way to access the beach by car, this place is always peaceful and you won’t be bothered by a crowd like most the other beaches in the city. The little lagoon (Lagoinha) that meets the sea gives the game to this wonderful beach.

Bonete – SP

Another secluded paradise, there are no roads to get there, only a 15km trail, this means that if you don´t want to pay a boat to get there, you will have a long walk ahead of you. But that´s not exactly a downside, if you are into trekking. There are 2 camping sites in the beach, you must pay a fee to use them, and there are also lodges, nothing too expensive. You intend to spend a few days living in touch with the nature, camping and surfing and not spending too much money, this place is perfect for you.

The 7 Best Beaches

Brazil beaches are famous worldwide. It truly is impossible to separate Brazil from its beaches. Part of what tends to make the Brazilian beaches well-known is what the folks are wearing or instead, not wearing, when they visit the beach. Brazilians have made the extremely itty bitty bikini common. But Brazilian beaches are about much more than swimwear. Shorelines in Brazil consistently show up in lists best in the entire world. It is difficult to narrow down all the beaches in Brazil for the top 7, but here they are.

  1. Jericoacoara, Fortaleza, Ceara. It´s common to just call it Jeri. Like other Brazil beaches, it has miles and mile of sand. What sets it apart would be the fresh water lagoons. These lagoons are nestled among the miles of sand dunes around the inland side of the beach.
  2. Lagoniha do Leste, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina. Florianopolis is an island and the gem of this gorgeous island is Lagoniha do Leste, around the south side of the island. It’s off the beaten track, so you won´t have to battle a lots of people. To get there you can either take a truck through the rainforest or take a boat. It is possible to also camp here. Just pick the place you like and pitch your tent.
  3. Praia de Canoa Quebrada, Conoa Quebrada, Ceara. This beach is situated in the former fishing village of Canoa. Canoa has embraced visitors and now has numerous enjoyable things to do like snorkeling and kite surfing. Furthermore, it has the town beach which is a large sandy beach. You will find seas calm which is what makes it excellent for all kinds of water sports.
  4. Alter do Cho, Para, one of the best Brazilian beaches isn´t any place close to the ocean. It´s actually located inside the heart of the deep Amazon rainforest. It´s the perfect place for you to unwind. You can relax at the beach and then enjoy the freshest fish you have ever eaten. No one ever thinks of beaches inside the rainforest, but this one will change your mind.
  5. Atalaia, Fernando Noronha, this is a small group of islands located off the northeast coast of Brazil. The number of guests is strictly regulated. Atalaia is the perfect beach for individuals who want to snorkel and find a whole lot of sea life. The waters are crystal clear which makes it easy for you to discover nearly any type of fish or sea creature you might want.
  6. Arpoador, Rio de Janerio. No list of the best Brazil beaches can skip Arpoador. This beach is connected to Rio´s other renowned beaches, Ipanema and Copacobana. But, it´s more of a locals beach than a touristy beach, so it’s less crowded. Since they light it up at night you´ll be able to enjoy it any time. This is a great place to go surfing or bodysurfing.
  7. Paia de Fazenda, Sao Paulo, this beach meets a nice broad bay. You are able to go across the river to get to two miles of beach where nobody else goes. You can feel like you´re the only person in the world. You should give attempt kayaking in the bay and look for dolphins and whales.

Take a look at these Brazil beaches the next time you need to get away, and you will learn why they´re the best. I hope you have enjoyed these interesting Brazil facts about the best beaches.

Tours and Activities in Jericoacoara

To fully experience Jericoacoara there are some activities that must be done. Jeri Pass offers these activities in a package, at a discounted price, that will make your vacation even more memorable.

Mangrove River Tour

Take to a kayak or paddleboard and explore a part of Jericoacoara rarely seen by tourists. The paddle adventure starts deep in the mangroves, about 3km away from Jericoacoara town. From there you paddle downwind and downstream (great for beginners) until you reach the open river at Guriú.

E-Bike Experience

The electric bike tours are a great way to reach places that dune buggies or quad bikes cannot reach. The e-bikes are licensed to rid over sand dunes or trails which are not allowed for quad bikes or other motor vehicles, and with electric motor assistance you can climb easily any hill with little effort.

Sunset Sessions Drink

There is no better way to end a day in Jericoacoara than celebrating life at the Sunset Lounge Bar. It is a new beautiful beachfront space recently developed by ClubVentos. Once you arrive at the bar you will get your free drink from their specials menu.

Course Lunch

The beachfront restaurant at ClubVentos is the only restaurant in Jericoacoara awarded five consecutive times with the SEBRAE seal, which guarantees superior quality food. Enjoy the delicious three course menu overlooking the stunning beach in Jeicoacoara.

Brazil Family Holidays

Brazil is a great destination for families, most especially with older children who love their action adventures, whether on land or in the sea. It is a vast country with lots of different micro climates, so there is always a destination to suit whatever the time of year. Sporty types will love the fact that Brazilians in general love to be active. In Rio, do as the Cariocas do and cycle along the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, stopping at a juice bar to sample exotic fruits from acerola to acai. Try a lesson in footvolley on the beach before heading to a classic Rio tradition for lunch – an all you can eat barbecue – kids will love the red and green stop and go signs. Brazil is of course crazy about football, and soccer fans can head to the famous Maracana stadium or even a football clinic at Zico´s Football Center. If the beautiful game is not everyone´s thing, perhaps a samba school lesson will be just as fun!

As you head south, they can arrange surf school and spectacular whale-watching trips from around Florianopolis and thrilling speedboat rides as well as kayaking and rapelling at Iguaca Falls. Combine your family holiday in the southern half of Brazil with a journey into a haven for unique and fascinating wildlife. The southern Pantanal offers some fantastic family-friendly lodges where you can hike, ride, take a 4×4 drives and boat trips out in these incredible wetlands. Kids will love the bizarre mammals unique to this region from capybara to giant anteaters and hyacinth macaws. Stop off en route to your Pantanal lodge in Boinito for a night or two for a fantastic river floating tour to swim among giant tropical fish as you snorkel downriver and stop to swim in beautiful waterfalls.

Heading north from Rio gives you a choice of thousands of miles of stunning and deserted beaches where you can discover sea turtle conservation projects, spend a few days whizzing along the coast or over giant sand dunes by jeep or try some exhilarating watersports. Jericoacoara is a great place to try kite-surfing and offers a super laidback beach break away from the crowds. Moving inland from the beautiful coast and its boutique hotels and private villas ideal for family groups takes you into a vast tract of dense rainforest, a brilliant world of flora and fauna along the Amazon River, looking out for pink river dolphins and fishing for piranha.

Budget Guide to Jericoacoara

Cumelen Bed & Windsurf is a great place to stay and has breakfast included, but optional reduced price excluding breakfast. 7-8 minute walk to the main beach, 3 minute walk to the other beach. Double room from $65/night. At Home GuestHouse is another great option. The rooms accommodate 2-3 people and are equipped with ceiling fans, large window and ensuite bathrooms, including the best shower (hot water + good water pressure) they’ve managed to find in all of South America. Well-stocked common kitchen, veranda

including table and chairs and hammocks.

English, Portuguese and German spoken. Water sports, from windsurfing to kite-surfing, to palin old surfing, Jeri has it all. Some great activities: Dune Buggy rid to Tatajuba. If you´re coming from or headed to the west, splurge for a dune buggy instead of the overland truck for the trip to or from Camocim – the scenery is spectacular, from brilliantly white sand beaches and turquoise waters, to lush green oases, and you’ll be saving yourself money by combining transportation and tour costs all in one. Walk to the Pedra Furada. Heading north from Rio gives you a choice of thousands of miles of stunning and deserted beaches where you can discover sea turtle conservation projects, spend a few days whizzing along the coast or over giant sand dunes by jeep or try some exhilarating water sports.

Jericoacoara is a great place to try kite-surfing and offers a super laidback beach break away from the crowds. Moving inland from the beautiful coast and its boutique hotels and private villas ideal for family groups takes you into a vast tract of dense rainforest, a brilliant world of flora and fauna along the Amazon River, looking out for pink river dolphins and fishing for piranha. Jericoacoara makes a great destination for anyone looking for an amazing beach vacation! Make sure you don’t miss it on your trip to Brazil.

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