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The Magnificent West Coast Road Trip

UNITED STATES. The United States has a lot to offer especially when it comes to tourist attractions sites. A west coast Road trip in Northern America would be more than incredible. From the breath-taking locations, to the powerful panoramas and inspiring landscapes, America is truly that dreamy wonderland! The beauty beneath those sensational city skyscrapers, monuments and landmarks is just indecipherable. This is a unique land that will offer thousands of new different shades each day. There is always more to look forward to because you can never exhaust the beauty of this little heaven! In this article, the main idea is to discuss the best destinations on your west coast road trip, highlighting the best hotels in the area as well as any interesting nearby tourist attractions.

Best destinations in the West Coast
The western United States come with a lot of diversity. There is a portion for each and every person despite how outrageous their tastes and preferences are. the west coast road trip begin with, we have Panorama views of San Diego to the romantic neon lit city of Las Vegas and the natural environments of the Big Sur. I must admit that the place is quite big and cannot be toured in a single day. It needs one to plan a 3-week tour or so where you can have that overwhelming road trip from Canada to Mexico while dropping by at the best sites along the way. The hotels here are affordable and comfortable. You’ll get the chance to enjoy the best of sea foods on your menu as well as those local and international dishes. You’ll surely get trapped in that unceasing spell the west coast has cast on its residents. Many people get torn in between spending one more day or going back to your homeland to take care of their errands.

San Diego

San Diego is a city located towards the end of the West coast. If you like it the Spanish way this is the place to be. This is one busy place with the famous craft breweries and the San Diego zoo which are a thing but it’s beautiful beaches, ideal for surfing, are the major tourist attractions here. I have never heard of anyone who has been to San Diego on a trip and failed to enjoy the brilliant views of whales from the beach, surfing, diving as well as sailing.

The place is just breath-taking. You will actually get torn between staying indoors at the well-designed beach resorts or taking a walk outside in the amazing climate of this place. Not forgetting that over the bridge, you can get the best panorama views.

I assure you that the La Jolla Cove will surely melt your heart. It is one of the best public access areas that is best known for kayaking, snorkelling and diving. The place has the biggest population of sea lions and seals. Actually you will never will you see such a big colony of them in the whole world.

Where to unpack

In San Diego, everything is uniquely captivating. Let’s talk about the hotels especially. They come in top-end-facilities which include classy swimming pools, bars and restaurants. The other great feature about the hotels is that they are centrally located giving one easy and fast access to the city centre. Here are some of the ones you might put into consideration for your west coast Road trip in San Diego. Some of the classy hotels include;

Hotel del Coronado

The place may feel like some low-key country club but I assure you it can never disappoint. Almost every united states president has been to this hotel. It has its own entrance and compound followed by a 78 roomed building in 11 Oceanside villas. Each unit has a self-contained kitchen and a fire-pit equipped patio.

Park Hyatt Aviara Resort

This is a seaside hotel with that Spanish feeling. The rooms here are well-designed with the Arnold Palmer golf course. The upper floors have classy balconies where you can have a great view of eucalyptus- filled hills and the Batiquitous Lagoon. This hotel may not be at the beach, but the interested tourists are ferried each day to experience the best of deep sea fishing, kayaking and snorkelling.

Andaz San Diego

This property has 159 guest rooms each uniquely designed and fitted with flat screen Televisions and digital bathrooms that are glass enclosed. The showering experience here will leave you craving for more. The sweet almond, spearmint, sage shampoos and shower gels to match give you the best moments.

The Big Sur

No trip to the west coast will ever be complete without visiting the big sur. You might wonder why but basically here is the reason. The big Sur is a beautiful landscape that comes with that natural set up and a little spice of the city life since it’s only a stone’s throw from Monterrey. It is located at the south of Carmel and has quite an enormous coastline. The thick morning fogs, hidden coves and the long stretched coastline has all its beauty.

The place is just heavenly! You just have to be there yourself to understand the extent of its beauty. No explanation can do it better than experiencing the whole thing in person. But be careful not to get stuck up there by the luring beauty of its coastlines and the winding roads that cling up to the edge of America.

Where to unpack

Lucia Lodge
Its located on a cliff 300 feet above the Pacific Ocean. This is just the place to be in order to experience the nobility of the big sur. You’ll experience the best of the big Sur’s Panorama right from your dining room or the cliff side cabin area. It’s known to provide the best site in this area. Lucia lodge features 11 cabins with three different styles. Cabin 10 is known to be the best because of its spectacular cliff-side location. They call it the honeymooners cottage.

New Camaldoli Hermitage

Its located near the Lucia on the Southern Big Sur coast. There are two types of rooms that are offered. The private rooms which give you a high level of privacy ideal for introverts and a spectacular view of the ocean from the personal gardens within. However, there are common rooms too that can accommodate two or more people. They are fitted with full baths and kitchen spaces. Before proceeding to your next destination, it would be great if you consider visiting the chapels and religious gift shops nearby.

Glen Oaks Big Sur

This is one place with that rustic modern feeling as well as the natural green sentiment. Whether out there to explore or indoors at the comfort of your bed you will never miss out on the taste of nature. The rooms here feature natural wool carpets and blankets, peroba and bamboo wood for that healthy and natural environment. The nature is at its best here. From the organic cotton bedding to the feather duvets, you are sure of warm and comfortable nights.
I had never seen so much natural beauty before until I visited the Glens Oak Big Sur.

San Francisco

This is one buzzling city that always has trending occurrences each single day. Every day in San Francisco is completely different. All in all, nothing can out do the vibrancy of this city. Never seen a place so alive and colourful! The long stretch of the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco bay are part of its charms. San Francisco is also famously known for its hilly streets. Walk around the neighbourhood and you will find yourself in Chinatown which is one of the oldest Chinese empire outside Asia. Well, China town undoubtedly draws more tourists compared to the Golden Gate bridge. Talking of the Golden Gate bridge, it is a breath taking site that will leave your mouth wide open since it stretches a bit over 1 km in length. This bridge is the tallest bridge in the U.S and possibly the most photographed.

You can’t get out of San Francisco without seeing the cable cars. This is also one of the noticeable characteristics of San Francisco which remains to be among the few manned car systems. In this city, cable cars are considered as one of the most used public transport and a ride in them isn’t that expensive. Adventurous tourists will never want to miss this!

I’m sure by now you are wondering where to stay during your long trip through San Francisco. Luckily, the popular Fisherman’s wharf is an area where their loyal customers are usually tourists from all over the world. In this area, you will find many diverse cost-friendly hotels suitable for all tastes. Fisherman’s wharf is found between harbour-front and Bay street. Hotels like Fairmount Heritage Place is top notch (5-star) and has amazing views of the harbour not to mention a luxurious treat. If this hotel doesn’t suite you for one reason or the other, you can try other hotels like, Hotel Zephyr and San Romeo which promise to offer affordable prices with outstanding hotel services. You will definitely have a place to call ‘home’ for the time you spend in this city. Moving on to the next destination;

Las Vegas

You’ve heard about Las Vegas here and there and probably the most common thing about it is that it is the city of luck. The number of casinos in this city are just outrageous. Bars and nightlife are the in thing in here. Be sure to be a fun of such or else you’ll get puzzled by how much people love merry. The place will whole heartedly give everyone an equal chance to get lucky with their money. All in all, there is much more to the city than just casinos. You can consider a visit to the Red Rock which is actually only a thirty minutes’ drive from city. This trip would however be best done during the day.

Where to unpack
Most people are in love with Las Vegas hence the city attracts a lot of tourists. Luxury hotels in this city have some of the world’s most impressive mammoth hotels that have almost galactic dimensions. The world’s 10 largest hotels are located in Las Vegas. If you get the chance to go to Vegas, you can’t help but brag about your stay in one of those ultra-luxurious hotels that made it to top 10. Here is a brief description of such hotels;

Mandarin oriental Hotel

This is a triple five-star luxury hotel that has earned a place in the Forbes list. It has unique architectural designs that make up its whole beauty. It is 47 stories high and will give you the best view of the city. The 23rd floor sky lobby ushers you in to another level of luxury. From chic bar to gourmet dining. The hotel has a well-designed interior décor with Asian inspired touches giving you the perfect mix of style and luxury. The bathrooms have an amazing translucent floor to ceiling windows with a razzle-dazzle view of the city. What more would you want?

Aria sky suites

With elegant and luxurious designs, the Aria sky suites is the exact place to be. It has incredible views, personalized assistants and unique interior custom furnishings for each rooms. The guests here are welcomed personally and led into their exquisite rooms. The suites have either one or two bedrooms, separate living rooms and master bedrooms as well as that dreamy spa-like bathroom. The hotel is designed to delight even the most outrageous tastes with a level of sophistication that Vegas has never seen before.


The Bellagio features in the top 10 list of the largest hotels in the world. The hotel welcomes you with neon lights that are well synchronized to harmonious music and over a thousand fountains dancing to the same. Once inside the hotel, you will find yourself welcomed with award winning restaurants and stunning spa all surrounded by finest art work in the world. In this hotel, the guests have the choice of lavish guest rooms, suites and villas all with a great view of the lake Bellagio.

The Seattle Harbour

This is the heart of the west coast. The city comes with a unique diversity of culture. It is located in the middle of evergreen forests with gorgeous mountain views that gives the area that cool fresh breeze. That aside, the classy Starbucks and the Pike Place market can never fail to capture your attention. For some killer views, you can probably consider the Space Needle which just above the Mount Rainer. This place just dominates the whole skylines!

Where to unpack

The Age Water hotel

One of the most popular hotels is the Age Water hotel which rests on the north end of Seattle water fall beneath the giant red neon E. It is a 4-star hotel with outstanding interior décor that gives you that rustic modern feeling. It has knotty pine furniture and river rock fire places. Book yourself a premium room to access amenities like a 42-inch plasma television, king size bed, stuffed cosy chairs and a claw foot bath tub.

Seattle Marriott waterfront

This is a luxury hotel, two blocks north of Pike Place market giving you the best view of Elliot Bay. It has on site and off site ample parking giving you the chance to explore the city without worrying about parking space. Every room has spacious bathrooms, LCD flat screen televisions and the famous Marriott custom Revive bedding package. This includes, soft cotton sheets, cosy duvets and pillow top mattresses. Each room is fitted with a balcony that gives you a spectacular view of the city and the ocean.

In conclusion, with this guide you’ll be well- informed about the best places to visit on your west coast road trip. Book yourself a ticket and hit the road!

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